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Custom Mouth Guards and Sports Guards

Custom Sports Guards

If you have ever tried a boil and bite sports guard from a drug store, you will appreciate the difficulty it takes to achieve a truly custom guard. Not only can these guards be bulky and ill fitting, in order to get a “custom” fit, you need to put it in your mouth while it is still hot –Ouch! An ill-fitting Sports Guard can contribute to commonly perceived problems such as speech, breathing discomfort and poor appearance. Decent drug store guards are upwards of $40 and if your child is in the process of losing teeth and growing new ones, you know this guard won’t fit all season and you are destined to buy a new one and start the boil and bite process all over again.

Did you know a proper fitting Sports Guard can prevent tooth loss or breakage and even protect the Maxilla (top jaw) from fracturing due to a facial trauma? When it comes to getting the best protection for your kids, we have you covered! Our pressure treated Custom Sports Guards are designed to protect the Jaw, facial bones and teeth from trauma during high risk sports. They are made in house using Drufosoft pressure formed material. An additional layer is added for extra cushioning and protection. The custom fit also ensures a more comfortable sports guard and therefore better compliance in wearing. These latex/BPA free guards can even be customized to include team logos, player number or names. All guards come with a protective case so the Sports Guard can be thrown in a gym bag after the game.

We even offer a program to accommodate children's changing dentition or a lost guard. Protect your investment by purchasing our seasonal sport program. This program offers a special price to have a second guard made during the same sport season. So whether your child outgrows the first Sports guard or loses it –we will replace it for them!

The process of making a custom guard requires 2 short appointments and can be finished in as little as 1 week. Walk-ins welcome!