Frequently asked questions

Does your office accept my dental Insurance?

Yes, we accept most private dental insurance carriers. We direct bill the insurance company for you and collect the unpaid portion. Most dental hygiene services are covered under most plans. Whitening however, is typically considered a cosmetic procedure and is rarely a covered service.

Can I continue seeing my regular Dentist and just come for cleanings?

Absolutely! We are happy to work with your regular office to keep your oral health on track. We do require that you see a Dentist once yearly for a routine check up to continue with hygiene services at our clinic. We would be happy to call your office and verify the necessary information.

If I have a problem with my tooth is there a Dentist there to look at it?

While we do offer professionally trained and certified staff to provide your cleanings, whitening and other procedures, we do not have a dentist on staff. If you do not have a regular dentist that can take care of your needs, Dr. Corbin Sallis and Dr. Kelsie Sallis are accepting new patients at our Sagehills Dental clinic located upstairs. Please inquire as we are happy to arrange an appointment for you!

What is the difference between your whitening product and one I can buy at the drugstore?

Dental professionals can sell whitening products that have a higher concentration of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide (the 2 active ingredients in a whitening agent). So, in a sense it’s like getting a prescription strength brand versus buying a less concentrated over the counter product. The result is a more effective whitening product.

I’ve heard whitening can be expensive….

In the past, an in office whitening treatment was financially out of reach for many. Our professional strength Spa Denttreatment combined with an extension of our professional discount makes an in office treatment affordable for many. We also offer take home whitening products at rates comparable to drug store prices. With a few different options to whiten your teeth, there is definitely something to smile about!

Can I buy Dental Products from your office if I am not a patient?

Definitely! Whether you are in the market for an electric toothbrush, help with bad breath, dry mouth, better plaque removal or an alternative to fluoride for cavity prevention, we may have what you are looking for. We carry hard to find dental adjuncts and products that are only available to dental professionals as well as other popular brand name items. We receive a special discount when purchasing these products, and we extend that professional discount to you! You will find us to be very educated about the products we sell and you may be surprised to find that our price range is very affordable!